Mrs. Landis is simply the best !  Loving yet fair, calmly in control yet totally fun, she freely shares both her vast teacher wisdom and young-at-heart ways with all.  For four years now, I’ve watched my girls run to her each morning, to start the day with a smile and a hug, and continued on my way knowing that they will be safe, happy… and learning!  PS. Mrs. Landis will have your preschooler — and eventually the whole family — singing “The Continents”, recognizing the planets, and knowing every country in North America!

— Jen, Mother of 3, Encinitas, CA


Mrs. Landis has been my son’s teacher for 2 years now. She is loving,
fun, and attentive. She always has something exciting going on for the
kids, and has a gift for teaching in an active, fun environment. I feel
truly blessed to have my child in her care and would highly recommend

— Jessica Chalnick


Mary Landis is an exceptional teacher. Both our chikdren love her and are always happy to go to school, just to see her.  We are very lucky to have the privilege of having Mary teach our children.

— Alya Zahid