Welcome to Morning Glory Montessori and welcome to my new website.  In fact, everything about this school is new, except me!!  I have been teaching locally for 20 years and am excited to be taking all that experience, plus the experience of raising 4 children, and creating a wonderfully complete program.  I am a certified Montessori teacher, and while that is my tradition, I am also a fan of the Reggio philosophy and  the Waldorf aesthetic.  While I do feel that exposing children to academics in preschool is valuable,  I believe the value of play is just now being rediscovered.  I am all about letter sounds AND mud pies and following the spark of enthusiasm wherever it leads.  I like to teach through song, art, dramatic play, sensory experiences, games as well as stories from books, flannel board and just spoken word.  I keep a predictable rhythm to the day so the children can feel comfortable and have a sense of belonging.  That being said,  each day has time for children to have the  freedom to choose their own activities.   I hope you  come by for a tour so we can talk in person about Morning Glory Montessori and all it has to offer.  I will be posting updates as the weeks go by on the progress of my dream school come true.